is a  Minecraft Server that uses the skyblock plugin.
7/10/23: I joined and found it to be a nice looking server - at first. in order to have fly permissions and other useful items it requires players to pay to use the permissions,  I needed the fly and iron so I had to fork out $45.00 in real money that was paid to the server. I returned to start building my base, I needed lots of stoneblocks - I found a player online that sells them, I bought all he had with the ingame currency of grass blocks, I paid 1 grass block for 1152 stone bricks. As fast as i can return he was making more and restocking them. I thought that I could save time by making my own, it is a simple task to do it it  just required lots cobblestone and a furnace and lave buckets as fuel to start the smelting furnace , I made a simple lava farm to collect the lava that I needed but it was not working, I asked on the servers forum why it's not, some replied they to are having the same issues. after a i made a help request on the forum, they replied that lava farms are no longer allowed, so there is no way to make mas amounts of stone bricks on the server, all through some players are allowed to to just that.

Being that I can not build anything that requires lava to to make, I informed them that I am requesting a refund for the $45.00 I spent on a server that restricts many normally build activity's, I was not advised of the server limitations, and it was not posted anyplace on the server or forums.

As of 7/14/23 - No reply in regards of a refund.
It's just another Minecraft that is in the business to rip off players. it the Pay to win scam.

Many years ago was a respected server, but the new owners are killing it as they rip players off.

Due to todays world of Minecraft ripoff's  and play to win servers, I decided to reopen my old server.
Where players will never need to spend any real money.
Where you can build just like Vanilla Minecraft the way Notch wanted it to be.