China Emerging as the Global Leader in AI

Twenty years ago, there was a huge gulf between China and the United States on AI research. While the U.S. was witnessing sustained growth in research efforts by both public institutions and private sectors, China was still conducting low-value-added activities in global manufacturing. But in the intervening years, China has surged to rapidly catch up. From a research perspective, China has become a world leader in AI publications and patents. This trend suggests that China is also poised to become a leader in AI-empowered businesses, such as speech and image recognition applications.

Editor: What this could mean?
I have been preaching about the New World Order for years, and the USA going into a Mad Max civilization. No longer we just went from Mad Max to Terminator Judgement Day. As they make their AI'S Stronger, Better, Faster, Armed for combat, The United States of America's Government will be to busy destroying it self from with in.