OAN’s Roy Francis
10:38 AM – Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Left-wing Pittsburgh public defender, Matt Dugan, who had received more than $700,000 from George Soros won Tuesday’s Democratic primary for Allegheny County district attorney position.

With 1,276 precinct reporting, Dugan had led Stephen Zappala, who had been serving in the position for 26 years, by almost 19,000 votes.

Dugan said that the results were not surprising and that he had been connecting with his community and the message he was delivering resonated with the residents of the community.

Dugan has been Allegheny County’s chief public defender, his office represents those unable to afford a criminal defense attorney. During the campaign,

Dugan had promised to move the DA’s office away from prosecuting low-level non-violent criminals. He said that his office will not be criminally prosecuting but instead treating them for issues emanating from mental health, drug abuse and poverty.

Dugan had also received significant support from billionaire George Soros. According to the Pittsbrugh Post-Gazette, Soros had given over $750,000 to the Pennsylvania Justice and Public Safety PAC in March. The PAC had in turn contributed over $730,000 to Dugan’s campaign.

The money received by the Dugan campaign covered the costs of TV advertisements, research, and polling, without those funds, Zappala’s campaign was ahead in funding.

Zappala’s campaign spokesperson criticized Dugan for accepting the contribution from Soros, saying that if he gets elected, then Soros will “run his office.”

Editor: George Soros A never ending Prince of Darkness Worker. The bill is coming due you you.