October 21, 2021

About the ARF

Picture me as someone who stands on a corner selling newspapers shouting as loud as I can.


This is Post 9 reporting.
The ARF Has been formed to cause some resistance against our insane politicians that control our government.
A single bee sting won’t bother you, but the sting from many will make you take notice.

This World of ours has become very sick in more ways then one.
What was once right is now very wrong.
The Democrats have absolute obsession with money, power and control.
The Democrats have changes the way America is We are no longer a Nation of Laws, but a Nation liars and thieves with No justice and No Law.
The Democrats are hard at work destroying our nation as fast as they can while bankrupting our economy system.
The Democrats have appointed people in our government who have no intelligence or common since, many have expressed their hate for the United States.
The Democrat Governors are doing nothing as their city’s is being over ran by crime, Burning down of business, Shops looted, People murdered in full daylight as people stand around and do nothing but watch and cheer them on. Police leaving the force because the city’s no longer support law enforcement. Governors and city members calling open season on the police allowing BLM aka The Black Panthers to do what ever they want without prosecution. they do this because as long as the Democrats remain in power they will get federal tax dollars to let this continue. they do not care about it’s citizens they are considered as expendable and replaceable.
Many in our government are making back door deals with China, Russia, Iran and others as they lie to the American people.

The saddest thing about all this shit is that there are some Republicans who are also involved in all this so they are just a guilty by accusation.

At what end are they they trying to accomplish? The hand over of the United States to the New Word Order. Every Christians Nightmare.

Ex President Donald Trump’s America first policy’s is no more, The Democrat’s have vowed to undo everything he did not because they are bad policies but only because he made them.

What we are seeing today is Mad Max coming to life. the destruction of our nation by our own government from within.
Some states want to leave the union and reclaim their independent statehood. I for one am willing and ready to defend any state that wants to leave and will join them in protection it.
It was once said that the South will rise again. and here we are today witnessing the death of America. As once stated by President Abraham Lincoln.: If it ever reach us it must spring up amongst us; it cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen we must live through all time or die by suicide.

Most People in the U.S.A. no longer have any religion or morality of any kind. Although they may fill justified of what they are doing, when the time comes the bill will be due and it will cost then more then they know..
I am as many for we are also the witness for GOD.

I copy news stories that will be removed from the news sources by our government.
I am just trying to get the word out before it’s to late.
As they did in the underground resistance force of
World War II.

I rather spend my retirement time working on projects at home and spending time with my pups instead of blogging about the end of The United States of America
And our Government trying to turn America into post-apocalyptic MAD MAX.

A question was asked – When do you plan to remove your new reports?
A: I will remove the entire post when America is back under the control of it’s people.
But i will keep them in storage so that when this happens again, I will reactivate them to remind the dumb ass bastards who voted for this crap.
They say history will repeat it’s self if we do not learn from our mistakes.
The problem is our leaders keep removing our history and then rewriting it to fit their agendas.  Therefore the next generation will never learn from.

Updated: July 29 2021