About Me

My name was Charles E Wallace born in St Louis Missouri on Apr 2 1958 , They gave me the same name as my dead brother may he rest in peace. I was raised in California all my life with my Mom [Mildred L], Dad [Claude E Wallace], [3 sisters – {Debbie, Denise, Diana} – The Walking Dead], and 1 brother [Robert E Wallace]- Still alive dang nab it – if my life was as Two and a Half Men then I would be Alan and he would be Charlie Harper always into money without ever trying..

I’m Old Fashion I believe in the old ways, Woman belongs at home, cooking, cleaning, and pushing out those kids. Not working at some job that is meant for men to have. And Lord in heaven definitely not in politics. They are to week and easy to get offended. Like now. 🙂

I have only five models.
1 – Everyone Lies.
2 – Trust no one. Never turn your back on a friend or a family member.
3 – If you want something done right you must do it yourself.
4 – Always expect the worst in people that way you will never be surprised.
5 – There are those who know by what they been taught, and there are those who know what others do not.

I learned not to trust anyone early on life. That’s why I loved being on my own it is why I chosen to drive all my life and stay away from Office work., from Tow trucks, Delivery Trucks, Security Patrol, and OTR Big Rig.